Nursing and Patient Care (Physiotherapy), BSc – Study Medicine, Dentistry, Vet Medicine in Hungary

Nursing and Patient Care (Physiotherapy), BSc

Faculty:Public Health

Starting date:September

Duration: 8 semesters

Language requirements: English language proficiency (assessed at the compulsory entrance interview)

Academic requirements: high school certificate; entrance interview

Short description:
The curriculum of the BSc in Nursing and Patient Care (Physiotherapy) Program aims to prepare students for the prevention, medication and rehabilitation of movement system disorders and other diseases using the therapeutic tools of physiotherapy.

During the first and second year, students study Biophysics, Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Immunology, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Microbiology, First Aid, Body Awareness, General Principles in Health Care and Nursing, Basics of Physiotherapy, Computer Techniques, Medical Latin, Bioethics, Psychology, Communication, Philosophy and Elective subjects.

In the third and fourth year, they study Biomechanics, Basic Physiology, Cardiorespiratory and Exercise Physiology, Applied Training Methods, Neurophysiology, Kinesiology, Mobilization-Manual Techniques I, Electro-, Balneo-, Hydro- and Climatotherapy, Pathology, Clinical Propedeutics, Internal Medicine for Physiotherapists I, Gerontology, Sociology, Economics, Introduction to Management, Basics of Research Methodology, Health and Library Informatics, Kinesiology Practice (summer course) and Elective subjects.

Tuition Fee: 6.000 USD/year

One time fees:application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD