English Language Courses – Study Medicine, Dentistry, Vet Medicine in Hungary

English Language Courses

We offer English Language Courses  for those students whose knowledge of English is not good enough to be enrolled in the International Foundation Year or any other program. Basic knowledge of English is the minimum requirement.

English Language Course September-May 5500 USD
Short English Language Course September-December 2700 USD
Intensive English Language Course February-June 3300 USD
Placement test 350 USD

The first semester starts in the second wwek of September and lasts for 15 weeks (30 hours/week).
The second semester starts in the second week of February and lasts for 20 weeks (30 hours/week).
Students will have to sit for a placement test after their arrival.

After the completion of the first semester language course the students can either continue with the language course for the second semester from January or start the Intensive Foundation Semester where they can study the subjects necessary for the entrance exam of the chosen discipline. The tuition fee for the Intensive Foundation Semester is 3300 USD.

Requirements for admission to English Language Courses:

one term of English Language Course prior to your academic program IELTS 4.0
two terms of English Language Course prior to your academic program IELTS 3.0