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augusztus 1, 2017

Testimonial – Dr. Amit Dattani D.M.D, Dental graduate 2013.

‘The University of Debrecen is a sound institution, specialising in the medical sciences. It has a high academic standard and students are expected to work hard to pass each […]
augusztus 1, 2017

Testimonial – Dr. Gurpreet Singh Nandra, DMD dental graduate.

‘My Name is Guri Nandra. I studied Dentistry at the University of Debrecen. I qualified last year (2013). I have had a great experience in Debrecen. […]
augusztus 1, 2017

Testimonial – Osama Al-Okati ,5th year, Dentistry

’ One of the main reasons of selecting Dentistry at the University of Debrecen was the fact, how well established the university is and its widely […]
augusztus 1, 2017

Testimonial – Mahul Patel, 1st year, Medicine

‘It can intimidating when applying for uni abroad and you do feel worried about whether or not you will settle down; but with the help of […]