Non-Medical Degree Programs in English

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The Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences is a multi-disciplinary coordinating unit within the University of Deb­recen comprising eight academic faculties, one secondary and two primary schools and a number of interfaculty units (for instance, the European Studies Centre, student hostels, the Sports and Physical Education Centre, the nursery and day care establishments). Entrusted with economic self-government within the University, it serves as a coordinating and mediating forum, which represents unified interests in negotiations with external institutions. This training and economic coordination encompasses research, innovation, development, education, teacher training, and external relations. The Centre is the professional base of teacher training at the University level.

The integrated University of Debrecen draws meaning from its three centers (the Centre of Agriculture, the Medical and Health Sciences Centre and the Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences), which, through their coope­ration, ensure the multi-disciplinary background, which in turn guarantee the University a leading role as a research and education insti­tution.

Foundation Programs
International Foundation Year
Intensive Foundation Semester
English Language Course
Summer English Language Course for Academic Purposes
Business Programs
Business Administration and Management, BA
Master of Business-International Economy and Business, MA
IT Programs
Computer Science Engineering, BSc
Computer Science, BSc
Business Informatics, BSc
Computer Science, MScComputer Science Engineering, MSc
Engineering programs
Biochemical Engineering, BSc
Chemical Engineering, BSc
Civil Engineering, BSc
Electrical Engineering, BSc
Mechanical Engineering, BSc
Mechatronics Engineering, BSc
Humanities Programs
English Studies, BA
English Studies, MA
American Studies, MA
Music Programs
Performance (Music), BA
Musical Creative Art and Musicology, BA
Preparatory course – music theory, general music studies, choir conducting
Preparatory course – classical instrument and voice studies
Law Program
LLM in European and International Business Law
Agriculture Programs
Agribusiness and Rural Development Engineering, BSc
Agricultural Engineering, BSc
Agribusiness Management, MSc
Agricultural Engineering, MSc
Animal Science, MSc
Environmental Management, MSc
Food Safety and Quality, Msc
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