Medical School

Non-Medical Programs

Medicine MD
Dentistry DMD
Pharmacy Pharm D
Pre-Medical/Basic Medicine Course
Molecular Biology M.Sc

Faculty of Public Health
Physiotherapy B.Sc
Public Health B.Sc
Public Health M.Sc.
Complex Rehabilitaion M.Sc
Health Social Work M.Sc
Business Programs
Business Administration and Management BA
Commerce and Marketing BA
International Economy and Business MA

IT Programs
Computer Science B.Sc
Computer Science Engineering B.Sc
Business Informatics B.Sc
Computer Science M.Sc
Computer Science Engineering M.Sc
Engineering programs
Professional Pilot with type rating B.Sc
Biochemical Engineering B.Sc
Chemical Engineering B.Sc
Civil Engineering B.Sc
Electrical Engineering B.Sc
Mechanical Engineering B.Sc
Mechatronics Engineering B.Sc
Engineering  Management M.Sc
Mechatronical Engineering M.Sc
Mechanical Engineering M.Sc
Science Programs
Biology B.Sc
Chemistry B.Sc
Mathematics B.Sc
Physics B.Sc
Applied Mathematics M.Sc
Chemistry M.Sc
Hydrobiology-Water Quality Management M.Sc

Law Program
LLM in European and International Business Law LLM
Humanities Programs
English and American Studies BA
English Studies MA
American Studies MA

Agriculture Programs
Food Engineering B.Sc
Rural Development Engineering M.Sc
Animal Husbandry Engineering M.Sc
Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering M.Sc
Food Safety and Quality Engineering M.Sc
Music Programs
Performance (Music) BA
Musical Creative Art and Musicology BA
Preparatory course – music theory, general music studies, choir conducting
Preparatory course – classical instrument and voice studies
Classical Musical Instrumental Performance (Music) MA
Foundation Programs
International Foundation Year
Intensive Foundation Semester
English Language Course
Short English Language Course
Intensive English Language Course
Summer English Language Course