The Faculty of Health is more than 25 years old

In the year of 1990. the University’s Faculty of Health opened its doors to sixty students studying on two courses. Now, 2750 students study here.

– We needed a process of continuous renewal, the modernisation of the course and the expansion of international connections in order for the Faculty of Health to provide education for nearly 2600 students – noted Deputy Rector András Jávor at the Faculty’s celebratory council meeting held on Thursday.

He added that this celebration must not only pay tribute to the achievements of the past, but also shine a light for the future.

– In the Faculty’s case the two fundamental elements of this task are the social demand for the development of health services, which drives the institute’s continuous development, and the international demand for the course. At the same time, providing the teaching faculty with qualified staff represents a serious problem, caused by the lack of both adequate financial resources and an appropriate career path; the leadership of Debrecen University, however, support the development of the Faculty – said András Jávor.

At the celebratory council meeting the Faculty’s former deans looked back to the early days. According to Zsolt Lukácskó, love and solidarity provided the basic elements for development. In the first decade the number of students increased from 60 to 3300, and four courses were started which had previously not been available in Hungary. During this period, the institute had developed working relationships in more than 20 countries. István Kalapos noted that 25 years was a short time in history, but enough for a generation to grow, to finish university, and for a marriage to celebrate its silver anniversary. Gergely Fábián mentioned the pioneering spirit which is still characteristic of the faculty, since it keeps up with new developments by opening new courses, new specialisations and new departments.

In his opening address Imre Semsei, the Faculty’s current dean, emphasised that they were celebrating what had been achieved over the course of the last 25 years. 

– The Faculty was formed from nothing, and so to make it operate effectively and to carry it forward was a challenge. We must work hard to ensure success in the future. We work in order to ensure that students have a wide-ranging perspective on the field of study, which allows them to find their place in professional life and in the workplace, said the Dean.

The celebration was also an opportunity to recognise the work of those who had made the development of the institute possible. Silver and gold commemorative medals were presented to those who had worked hard for the Faculty, some of them since its establishment, and there are some who started as students and are now on the Faculty’s teaching staff.

The event closed with a catastrophe-simulation exercise on the Sóstó road, which allowed the ambulance services, the police and the fire brigade to show their co-ordinated approach to treating the injured victims of a simulated accident.

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