Computer Science, MSc

Objectives and Perspectives

The aim of the program is to train IT professionals who, possessing the solid theoretical grounding necessary to further develop their skills over the long term, are capable of performing, at an advanced level, the typically software-oriented development, implementation and servicing tasks related to IT equipments and systems, working either independently or as part of a team. Participants in this course will also learn the interaction and modeling skills required to solve IT tasks in all the main areas of application.

Duration of studies: 4 semesters
Number of teaching (contact) hours: 1,200
Number of required ECTS credits: 120


Scientific foundation30
Applied mathematics6
Computer science6
Applied statistics6
IT algorithms6
Data and system models6
Vocational core subjects48
·         compulsory vocational block20
·         compulsory vocational block of choice28
Advances vocational core subjects16
·         optional block16
Elective vocational subjects6


Healthcare IT management, Information management systems, Information systems, Image processing and computer graphics, Artificial intelligence, Computer science